Podcast: Shostakovich. 2 popular piano concertos. 1 new transcription.

Time and again, Dmitri Shostakovich deftly managed to dodge the artistic bullet when it came to the expected political conformity of the day. His two piano concertos bear his distinctive musical voice, despite Soviet diktats. Cheeky banter and effervescence characterise the works, offset by a sublime movement in the second concerto that soloist Boris Giltburg describes as “a rare instance of Shostakovich without a mask.” Giltburg’s own transcription for piano of Shostakovich’s Eighth String Quartet adds a beautiful bonus to the programme.

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Catalogue No.: 8.573666

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Shostakovich. 2 popular piano concertos. 1 new transcription.”

  1. I enjoyed this podcast very much. It was informative and interesting, and the piano playing was excellent! I don’t have any of Shostakovich’s music in my collection, but that will change, after hearing this new recording.

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