Going Gothic

The Romantic period in classical music wasn’t only about expressions of love and depictions of nature. There was also a fascination with the occult. From the world of opera, think Weber’s Der Freischütz and Marschner’s Der Vampyr for starters. These … Read More →


The barbers of the quill

Papa Haydn’s morning routine probably wasn’t quite so bothersome as for many of us today. No dithering over which tie to match with which shirt, shoes, suit, and the rest. His obligatory Esterházy Court livery decided itself. Bad hair days … Read More →


Lost in translation?

Music must be the leader among the arts when it comes to what one might call high-quality spin-offs. By that I mean many compositions exist not only in their original version, but also in what might be called…well, what does … Read More →


Musical cheer for a Happy New Year!

New Year in the Gregorian Calendar has become a point in time for both public celebrations and private moments of reflection and resolution. These days we don’t associate New Year festivities and music so much with churchgoing, but in 18th-century … Read More →


Christmas Contrasts

Christmas has probably inspired a more diverse musical commentary than any other subject. So, hold on to your Santa hat as we take a flying tour around a selection of contrasting styles, genres and instrumental combos inspired by the seasonal … Read More →