Women Behaving Badly

I was eleven years old when I paid my first visit to a Madame Tussaud’s waxworks. Lookalike film stars and world leaders held some interest for a youngster, but the much anticipated highlight was a visit to the Chamber of … Read More →


Sounds disastrous

The ease of global communication nowadays brings home the frequency of natural disasters and their tragic consequences. The only positive offshoot of such terrible occurrences seems to lie in the artistic reflections that composers have made in trying to capture … Read More →


Bass mettle

The nearest I ever came to becoming a legend was when someone described my first attempts at playing the double bass as sounding like Billy Goat Gruff with laryngitis. These hurtful comments quickly became water off a duck’s back when … Read More →


Rebooting the ear

‘New music’ doesn’t have to mean cacophonous ‘modern’ music: it can of course just be music we haven’t heard before. Nor does ‘modern’ music have to be particularly new. Even though we’ve had over 80 years to get used to … Read More →


In the air

This week’s blog turned out to be Plan B. I’d originally looked forward to sharing with you the results of a bit of research into music at airports. Naxos has offices all over the world, but it’s headquartered in Hong … Read More →