Podcast: Four centuries of music for guitar ensemble.

Guitar Gala Night comprises performances by the Amadeus Guitar Duo and the Duo Gruber & Maklar in a programme that’s a veritable variety show, combining original compositions with arrangements for one, two and four guitars. Ranging from the abstract to the descriptive, the earliest piece (1612) represents dance music by Michael Praetorius, while the most recent (1998) is a portrait of performer Dale Kavanagh’s own daughter, Melissa. Music by Boccherini, Borodin, de Falla and Giuliani make up the rest of this irresistible programme, presented here by Raymond Bisha.

View album details of Music for 4 Guitars – PRAETORIUS, M. / BOCCHERINI, L. / GIULIANI, M. / FALLA, M. de (Guitar Gala Night)
Catalogue No.: 8.573592

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