Podcast: A prodigious grasp. The music of Alan Hovhaness.

8.559755bThere’s certainly something impressively expansive about the American composer Alan Hovhaness. The numbers alone command respect: having lived for almost 90 years, he notched up 434 compositions, including 67 symphonies. Conductor Gerard Schwarz weighs in with an equally admirable discography of more than 350 recordings, nine of them thankfully dedicated to Hovhaness’ music. In this week’s podcast Raymond Bisha surveys the latest recording from this artistic pairing, travelling space and time between the art of fugue, the soprano saxophone and a vision of Andromeda.

View album details of Alan Hovhaness’ Symphony No 48 / Prelude and Quadruple Fugue / Soprano Saxophone Concerto at naxos.com
Catalogue No.: 8.559755

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