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Even the most prominent names in classical music grew from initial obscurity, with a combination of circumstances, opportunities and single-mindedness eventually releasing an artist’s light from under the bushel. Somewhere in all their life stories, however, is usually a person … Read More →


Podcast: Brahms’ Symphony No. 4

Raymond Bisha discusses Brahms’ Symphony No. 4. Album details… Catalogue No.: 8.570233 Podcast: Download (Duration: 20:00 — 18.3MB)


Podcast: The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Perform Brahms Symphony No. 1

Raymond Bisha discusses the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and their recording of Brahms Symphony No. 1. Album details… Catalogue No.: PTC5186307 Podcast: Download (Duration: 20:00 — 18.3MB)


Podcast: Four Handed Brahms

In keeping with the custom of the day, the scores of each of Brahms’ four symphonies were all published in four-hand piano versions, so as to be accessible to a domestic audience. These arrangements reveal the cheerfulness and serenity of … Read More →