Ripples of influence – Mustafa, Paul, Idil and John

When Schumann wrote his artless Scenes of Childhood in 1838 (Naxos 8.550784), he titled the short fourth movement “Pleading Child”. The final chord remains unresolved, suggesting that the child is gazing up at a parent, waiting for the answer to … Read More →

Trendsetters - Music for Windband

Podcast: Trendsetters – Music for Wind Band by Hindemith, Holst, Grainger and Schwanter

Trendsetters may be the perfect introduction to 20th-century wind band music. It introduces four different composers, each with their own unique style. Percy Grainger‘s Lincolnshire Posy, Gustav Holst‘s First Suite in E flat for Military Band, Paul Hindemith‘s Symphony in … Read More →