Haydn Symphonies

Podcast: The Vienna Philharmonic plays Haydn

The Vienna Philharmonic was founded in 1842, only 33 years after the death of Franz Joseph Haydn. Since that time, they have given more than 7,000 concerts, surely a record among orchestras. In this special box set on the Vienna … Read More →

The Living Classics

The power of the classics to catch the imagination of a wider public is repeatedly demonstrated by the success of adaptations, whether the focus falls on Jane Austen on film, Mrs Gaskell on television (the popularity of Cranford on British television … Read More →


Podcast: Haydn’s Piano Concertos

Among the thousands of compositions Joseph Haydn wrote were a couple of dozen piano concertos. This podcast looks at Haydn’s life as court composer at the Esterhazy Palace, and the development of the piano during his lifetime. Album details… Catalogue … Read More →