The dark side of the moon

Looking over the list of new releases on the Naxos and Grand Piano labels this month turns up a number of familiar names alongside types of music not usually seen in tandem. Sergio Bosi‘s recording of works for solo clarinet … Read More →


Junior management

Even the most prominent names in classical music grew from initial obscurity, with a combination of circumstances, opportunities and single-mindedness eventually releasing an artist’s light from under the bushel. Somewhere in all their life stories, however, is usually a person … Read More →

Alessandro Marangoni Plays Rossini in Second Life

The acclaimed young Italian pianist Alessandro Marangoni (Second Life avatar “Benito Flores”) will be joining Benton Wunderlich in his weekly show Music Academy onLIVE on in Second Life. The show will be recorded live on February 23, 2009, 16:00 … Read More →