RAUTAVAARA Before the Icons

Podcast: Rautavaara’s Before the Icons, A Tapestry of Life

Einojuhani Rautavaara is one of Finland’s best composers, a musician whose work has transcended musical and national boundaries. This podcast looks at the world premiere recordings of two recent works by Rautavaara – Before the Icons, and A Tapestry of … Read More →


Podcast: Magnus Lindberg’s Graffiti

Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg is one of the most dynamic composers working today. As the music in this podcast shows, he is also a master of orchestral colour. This podcast looks at a CD of two recent large-scale works: Graffiti … Read More →


Podcast: The Theatre Music of Jean Sibelius

The great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius is best known for his seven great symphonies. Lost in the shadow of these monunental works is some equally wonderful music he wrote for various theatre productions. This podcast looks at this music, and … Read More →