Podcast: Toward a Season of Peace

Contemporary American composer Richard Danielpour calls them ‘siblings’: two discrete yet connected works that ponder the current endless cycle of brutalization and despair in the Middle East. Raymond Bisha introduces ‘Darkness in the Ancient Valley’ and ‘Toward a Season of … Read More →


Sounds disastrous

The ease of global communication nowadays brings home the frequency of natural disasters and their tragic consequences. The only positive offshoot of such terrible occurrences seems to lie in the artistic reflections that composers have made in trying to capture … Read More →


Podcast: Hindemith’s String Quartets Nos. 1 and 4

Violinist, violist, pianist, conductor, composer, teacher, concert presenter and author—the impact of Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) on twentieth-century music is vast. Critic Paul Bekker said of him: “He doesn’t just compose—he musics!” Hindemith composed seven string quartets between World Wars I … Read More →


Bass mettle

The nearest I ever came to becoming a legend was when someone described my first attempts at playing the double bass as sounding like Billy Goat Gruff with laryngitis. These hurtful comments quickly became water off a duck’s back when … Read More →


Podcast: Tower of strength

Based in the United States, Joan Tower is one of today’s most successful composers. A 2007 Naxos release of her orchestral music (8.559328) won 3 GRAMMY® awards. Rick Phillips introduces the latest disc to feature three more of her fascinating and … Read More →