The Magic Fruit

I expect many of us spend more time in supermarkets nowadays scrutinising the contents of packets of this and tins of that. Never before have we been made more aware of the devil being in the detail, and the fact … Read More →


My hero. Yours, too?

Where would we be without our heroes? Well, classical music would certainly be the poorer without the heroic thread that weaves through the catalogue. Works are branded heroic either by their general aura, the mention of the word in the … Read More →


Farmyard Frats

While each November in America sees the Presidential Thanksgiving Reprieve (an annual symbolic stay of execution for a live turkey by the incumbent US president), June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month, dedicated to one of nature’s less appreciated creatures, but … Read More →


Podcast: Sounding the world

One of the most wide-ranging of composers was the Russian, Alexander Tcherepnin (1899-1977). He toured the globe as a concert pianist, living in various cities and absorbing other cultures like a sponge. As a result, his music is eclectic and … Read More →


The key to understanding

“Setting the right tone” is a common enough phrase that’s readily understood and achieved in everyday life. But how does a composer set the right tone in a piece of music? Composition is an increasingly common activity in schools nowadays, … Read More →