Podcast: Weinberg Symphony No 12

Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s symphonies are recognised today as having made a substantial contribution to the continuation of the Russian tradition. Rick Phillips here surveys his Twelfth Symphony, written in the style and spirit of Shostakovich in response to the death in August … Read More →


From Bones to Boehms

Western concert flutes today may look entirely different from the perforated bones played by our distant ancestors, but the technical principles are exactly the same. No matter how sophisticated the instrument has become over the years, we are still all … Read More →


Rooting for Christmas

Although the sacred message of Christmas remains steadfast, the season’s secular makeovers tend to morph more readily. Who would have thought, for example, that the uplifting tale of Santa’s iconic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (8.990013) would already have hit a … Read More →


Self preservation

I do find it difficult to keep up with all the new words that are finding an accepted place in dictionaries nowadays. Although I’m told that it’s been around for at least twenty years, I’ve only just caught up with … Read More →


A Hansel without the Gretel

This week’s posting appears on December 6, which happens to be my birthday, so a few observations about music loosely associated with that thought might be in order. December 6 also carries the significance of being St Nicholas’ Day. St … Read More →