Scoring Smackers

I had supper recently in a restaurant named after the American novelist Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961). His life was every bit as colourful as his literary works, as were the restaurant’s table mats. They carried a collection of his quotations. My … Read More →


Podcast: Bolcom, Byron, Lorca – rich colours, dramatic swings

Raymond Bisha’s latest podcast focuses on two works by William Bolcom that have been recently recorded for the Naxos American Classics Series. The emotional spectrum of his “Canciones de Lorca” and “Prometheus” is reflected in colourful orchestrations and a mix … Read More →



In 1951, Arnold Schoenberg died. And I was born. Which hardly constituted a fair exchange on the Muses’ creativity balance sheet. But the year itself has always intrigued me by its habit of popping up in history’s list of milestones, … Read More →


Podcast: Sacred Vivaldi

Known principally for his prodigious output of concertos, Antonio Vivaldi was also a prolific composer of operas, so it’s perhaps no surprise that an engaging and demanding operatic vocal style also permeates Vivaldi’s sacred music. Raymond Bisha introduces both the … Read More →


Supernatural. Super music.

Imagine a bygone era when an existence without religion and superstition would be unthinkable, in which the souls of the departed were believed to exist among the living as a matter of course. In our lives today, surrounded by technology … Read More →