Farmyard Frats

While each November in America sees the Presidential Thanksgiving Reprieve (an annual symbolic stay of execution for a live turkey by the incumbent US president), June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month, dedicated to one of nature’s less appreciated creatures, but … Read More →


Podcast: Sounding the world

One of the most wide-ranging of composers was the Russian, Alexander Tcherepnin (1899-1977). He toured the globe as a concert pianist, living in various cities and absorbing other cultures like a sponge. As a result, his music is eclectic and … Read More →


The key to understanding

“Setting the right tone” is a common enough phrase that’s readily understood and achieved in everyday life. But how does a composer set the right tone in a piece of music? Composition is an increasingly common activity in schools nowadays, … Read More →


Backing Bacchus

There will be few, if any, readers of this blog who have been immortalised in music as the dedicatee of a particularly famous composition. But maybe some of you have been given an honourable mention, simply by dint of your … Read More →


Bricks of the trade

The humble triad, or doh-mi-soh of a scale, has been a fundamental building block of classical music for several centuries. No matter how sophisticated a work turns out to be, those little bricks are to be found holding up the … Read More →