Horsing around

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which is a moveable feast, unlike its western counterpart that always falls on 1 January. It also differs in adopting a particular zodiac animal, repeating the association after every 12-year cycle. … Read More →


A Case for Casella

Garibaldi’s Red Shirts are marching triumphantly en route to the successful Risorgimento, the establishment in 1861 of a united Italy – though the actual ramifications were complex and true uniting took longer. Lustily they sing, and the song on their … Read More →


Sounds effective

Whatever the instrument, mastery of performance technique is a daunting challenge. But spare a thought for string players who probably suffer at the hands of exploitation more than others. Not content with demanding accuracy and fluency over a range of … Read More →


Feeling bullish

And so to Spain, a country that may not have made a huge impression on Europe’s 19th-century nationalist music scene, but did produce one of history’s legendary violinists – Pablo de Sarasate. Naxos Artist Tianwa Yang is featured this month … Read More →


Podcast: Weinberg Symphony No 12

Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s symphonies are recognised today as having made a substantial contribution to the continuation of the Russian tradition. Rick Phillips here surveys his Twelfth Symphony, written in the style and spirit of Shostakovich in response to the death in August … Read More →