Podcast: Composer Mohammed Fairouz talks with Gail Wein about his new CD of chamber and vocal music, Native Informant

Mohammed Fairouz’s music is distinctive for his blending of western and middle-eastern sonorities. He talks about how a musician can have the same effect as a storyteller, and tells us about a lullaby for a newborn baby…and a 300-year-old violin. … Read More →


Podcast: JoAnn Falletta talks to Gail Wein about her new Duke Ellington CD with Buffalo Philharmonic

Duke Ellington wrote serious music for symphony orchestras […] with great power. I feel that he single-handedly elevated jazz to a level of artistry comparable to all the other art forms. The music is very beautiful; it’s very symphonic, very orchestral. … Read More →


Podcast: Tan Dun’s Symphonic Poem of 3 Notes, Orchestral Theatre, Concerto for Orchestra

Gail Wein discusses Tan Dun‘s recording of Concerto for Orchestra Album Details… Catalogue No.: 8.570608 Podcast: Download (Duration: 10:12 — 9.3MB)

Podcast: Pater Noster – A Choral Reflection on the Lord’s Prayer

Raymond Bisha discusses The King’s Singers‘ recording of Pater Noster – A Choral Reflection on the Lord’s Prayer. Album Details… Catalogue No.: 8.572987 Podcast: Download (Duration: 15:00 — 12.0MB)


Podcast: Fung ‘Dreamscapes’, Violin Concerto, Glimpses

Raymond Bisha introduces us to the contemporary Canadian composer Vivian Fung’s superb new recording Dreamscapes. Her Violin Concerto featuring soloist Kristin Lee is an intensely lyrical and virtuoso work in which West and East collide to create music of remarkably fresh … Read More →