Like father, like son

Like father, like son. As regards classical musicians, that used to happen only in bygone days, didn’t it? In addition to his achievements as a conductor and composer, the famous painting of Leopold Mozart performing on violin with his young … Read More →

Antonio Salieri Requiem

Podcast: Antonio Salieri and his Requiem

Antonio Salieri was a contemporary of Mozart’s and one of the most influential composers of his time. He remained a lesser known colleague of Mozart for almost 200 years, when the movie “Amadeus”, with F. Murray Abraham in the role … Read More →

GREAT OPERA ARIAS with Gerald Finley

Podcast: Gerald Finley sings Great Opera Arias

An interview with baritone Gerald Finley about his new Chandos CD titled Great Opera Arias. This CD includes arias from two roles he helped create as the first person to sing the lead roles: Robert Oppenheimer in John Adams‘ Dr. … Read More →

MOZART Don Giovanni

Podcast: Don Giovanni … for string quartet

Since the first performance of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, there has been a steady stream of arrangements of the piece. By the end of the 19th century, there were already more than 600 published arrangements. Some were note very good, … Read More →

Horn Concertos

Podcast: The World’s Most Beautiful Horn Concertos

Former horn player Raymond Bisha takes you on a personal tour of this new CD set from Profil celebrating the French Horn, and some of it’s finest players including Wilhelm Bruns, Hermann Baumann, Peter Damm and the legendary Erich Penzel … Read More →