LAURIDSEN Choral Music

Podcast: Morten Lauridsen’s Choral Music

Morten Lauridsen is America’s pre-eminent composer of choral music. His music, with long, arching, expressive lines is enjoyed by performers and audiences alike. In the CD featured in this podcast, the Elora Festival Singers under conductor Noel Edison present five … Read More →

DAUGHERTY Metropolis Symphony

Podcast: Michael Daugherty’s Metropolis Symphony

The inspiration for Michael Daugherty‘s Metropolis Symphony can be traced all the way back to his youth, as he watched on television as the caped superhero rescued humanity – as especially Lois Lane – from all kinds of deadly situations. … Read More →

TIERSTEIN Open Crossings

Podcast: Open Crossings, the Music of Andy Teirstein

Andy Teirstein is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in New York. His strong roots in classical music, folk music and dance have helped him create a musical language that crosses all boundaries. Most of the pieces on this CD are … Read More →

DAUGHERTY Fire and Blood

Podcast: Michael Daugherty’s Fire and Blood

Composer Michael Daugherty was the composer-in-residence for four years at the Detroit Symphony, and composed all of the music on this CD for that orchestra. The title work was inspired by the giant murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts … Read More →

Podcast: The Phoenix and the Composer – an Interview with Bright Sheng

Bright Sheng has spent half his life in his homeland China, where he survived the Cultural Revolution by playing piano and percussion in a folk music group on the border with Tibet, and has spent the other half of his … Read More →