Philly Inquirer & Time Out NY Cover New Nyman Material

This week there’s been a bit of a stir surrounding the most recent releases from Michael Nyman Records.  While not covering his most controversial recording to date (which surely is only a matter of time) – Michael Nyman: Lust Songs … Read More →


Podcast: An interview with composer Michael Nyman

An interview with Michael Nyman who has worked as a composer, pianist, harpsichordist, musicologist, music editor, writer, photographer and videographer. He has provided the scores for most of Peter Greenaway’s movies, as well as Jane Campion’s movie The Piano. Album … Read More →

Naxos of America begins distribution of MN Records

On May 27, 2008, Naxos will begin distribution of MN records, a label founded by the iconic British composer, videographer, and photographer Michael Nyman. The first two releases will consist of Mr. Nyman’s most recent recordings-Mozart 252, an album designed … Read More →