IN TERRA PAX - A Christmas Anthology

Podcast: In Terra Pax – A Christmas Anthology

Listening to this CD of lush English Christmas carols, it’s hard to believe that in the mid-1600’s, Christmas Day had been outlawed by an act of Parliament, and Christmas carols were forbidden. This was during the time of Oliver Cromwell, … Read More →

STAMITZ Flute Concertos

Podcast: Robert Aitken plays Stamitz Flute Concertos

In 1742, Johann Stamitz got the job offer he wanted – he was invited to become a member of the Mannheim Court Orchestra. A couple of years later, he became Concertmaster, and then Director of Instrumental Music. That meant he … Read More →

SCHUMAN Symphony No 6

Podcast: William Schuman – Prayer in a Time of War

When he graduated from high school, William Schuman enrolled in New York University with every intention of doing a commerce degree. Then his sister took him to a New York Philharmonic concert conducted by Arturo Toscanini. That very night, he … Read More →

Naxos Releases its First Blu-ray Production, The Virtual Haydn: Complete Works for Solo Keyboard

“Tom Beghin belongs to the very few concert pianists with a professional musicological background who can turn his discoveries of rhetoric and other intellectual features in classical scores into fascinating new and impressive interpretations.” —László Somfai, author of The Keyboard … Read More →

Naxos of America Begins Distribution of Cutting-Edge New York Label New Amsterdam Records

On October 27, Naxos of America began distribution of cutting-edge New York-based label New Amsterdam Records. Founded as a haven for young New York composers and performers whose music traditionally has slipped through the cracks between genres, New Amsterdam was … Read More →