To stream or not to stream?

A lot gets written about streaming music. It isn’t all true. Perhaps even more frustratingly when it is true, it isn’t always the whole truth. Here are ten misconceptions about music streaming, which I’ve attempted to explain. If you have … Read More →

The future of music books?

Books have been around for thousands of years. They’re a great place to put words. Their batteries don’t run out, you don’t need anything else in order to use them, they can last for hundreds of years and nobody tells … Read More →

Bleeding Chunks of Wagner

In my last post, I talked about digital only releases. One thing I didn’t mention is that, when it comes to compilations, you can take much bigger risks with a digital-only product. Here’s one we might not have dared put … Read More →

5 misconceptions about digital-only releases

If you’re shopping on iTunes or ClassicsOnline, listening on Pandora or Spotify or Naxos Music Library, you mostly don’t care where else a record is available. You’re just happy you can listen to it however you choose. It wouldn’t affect your life if the album … Read More →

Top ten digital stores: where do people actually download classical music?

According to the Nielsen mid-year report, record sales in the US are up for the first time since 2004. That’s obviously great news for musicians and labels, but it’s also good for the record-buying public – more sales means more … Read More →