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5 ways to make iTunes work for classical music

Last week, I posted about metadata. One of the comments mentioned the grouping field, which reminded me that it’s time I shared some tips on getting the most out of iTunes. It’s not the perfect jukebox application for a classical … Read More →

Let’s talk about metadata

When we talk about digital music, we use “metadata” to mean the artist, title, and other information that comes with (or is attached to) a recording. I’ve spent a big chunk of this week on several projects involving classical metadata. … Read More →


Make your headphones last forever

Today, I want to talk about headphones and cables. It’s nerdy, but useful. Just about every audio system has some wires coming out of it. Whether you bought cheap cables or expensive ones, these are often the most neglected part … Read More →

All About Bitrates

My last post was about the frequencies missing from MP3s.1 Today, I want to talk about bit rates. To make sensible decisions about bit rates, it helps to understand a bit about how MP3 encoding works. When your computer makes … Read More →


Dude. Where’s my frequencies?

I’ve been putting together a blog post on the way to get the best sound out of MP3s, but there are so many elements to deal with, I thought I’d tackle it in pieces. For this post, I’m just going … Read More →