Podcast: Rodion Shchedrin’s Concertos for Orchestra

Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin spent some of his childhood in the small town of Aleksin, south of Moscow, where his uncle was an Orthodox priest. There, with no radio, television or recorded music, he listened to the townspeople make music as part of their daily lives. Choirs singing in town, shepherds singing in the fields, and the townsfolk playing the accordion and balilika. That experience profoundly affected the way he has approached music as a composer, especially in his Concertos for Orchestra. This podcast, and this CD present the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kirill Karabits, in world premiere recordings of Kristallene Gusli, and his Concertos for Orchestra 4 and 5.

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Catalogue No.: Naxos 8.572405