Podcast: Gil Shaham talks about his new CD of Mendelssohn and Haydn

A feature interview with violinist Gil Shaham as he talks about his new recording of Joseph Haydn‘s Violin Concertos 1 and 2, and Felix Mendelssohn‘s famous Octet for strings. His fellow musicians on this CD are the Sejong Soloists, an ensemble with whom Shaham clearly loves to work.

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Catalogue No.: Canary Classics CC08



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  • Dear Mr. Bisha – again, thank you very much for another very fine program. I like the questions you asked and the answers given by Mr. Shaham.

    I immediately resolved to download the Octet via my eMusic subscription (I already have fine recordings of the Haydn). Unfortunately, when I looked at the eMusic download page, I saw that one Octet movement is “album only.” SP in order to download the Octet I would have had to download duplicate performances of the Haydn and pay for the entire album even though my primary interest was the Octet. This is not the first time this has happened to me; I hear a performance discussed and go to eMusic to download it only to find I also have to buy an entire album containing duplicates of what I already own. This is certainly not a situation unique to Canary or Naxos but it does point out one of the disadvantages where licensing restrictions actually reduce sales of individual titles.