Podcast: The World’s Most Beautiful Horn Concertos

Former horn player Raymond Bisha takes you on a personal tour of this new CD set from Profil celebrating the French Horn, and some of it’s finest players including Wilhelm Bruns, Hermann Baumann, Peter Damm and the legendary Erich Penzel play music by Handel, Telemann, Mozart, Schumann and Strauss.

Album details…
Catalogue No.: Profil PH08075




  • anthepharaohs says:

    I much enjoyed the podcast on Die Schönsten Hornkonzerte and as I've just been given an iTunes voucher, I went to buy it – but could I find it? You guessed – neither when I searched in English oder auf Deutsch. So much for “all fine download sites”. Sigh – perhaps someone could poke Apple with a sharp stick regarding this? 😉

  • grace513 says:

    Awesome – gotta love any cast which features the horn. (Was the last one in Aug 07 regarding the Mozart Horn Concertos?) But now I have to go get yet another Naxos CD! Oh the agony, the a – go – neeee… LOL :)

  • Richard says:

    When is this album scheduled for release, please? I can't find a release date online anywhere. Many thanks.

  • Richard says:

    I take it, then, that the album is not available on iTunes? I have been unable to find it with any combination of search terms so far.

    Thanks again.