Podcast: Voice from Argentina: Alberto Ginastera and his String Quartets

A podcast introduction to the string quartets of Argentinean composer Alberto Ginastera, and a new recording with the Enso Quartet and soprano Lucy Shelton.

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Catalogue No.: Naxos 8.570780



  • Andrew Hanson says:

    As an indicator of how unknown Ginastera is in the USA, Alex Ross, in ¨The Rest is Noise¨, his history of 20th century music, makes no mention of Ginastera.

    Ginastera is a giant of the 20th century who will soon receive his due.

    andrew hanson
    san diego

    • Hi Andrew, Thanks for the the note, I didn't realize there was no mention of Ginastera in Alex Ross' book. Even without it, it's a terrific book. Still, classical music in latin america seems to get forgotten very often, and it's a lengthy and fascinating history. Sometime in early 2010 I am looking at doing a series of podcasts about exactly this topic, and the music of Ginastera will figure in those podcasts as well … along with a number of other composers who all but unknown outside of South America.