Podcast: Rued’s Langgaard’s Visionary Music for Organ and for Orchestra

Langgaard MessisDanish composer Rued Langgaard was mostly ignored, or shunned during his lifetime. It was only in the decades that people began to realize what an amazing composer he was. Langgaard wrote more than 430 pieces, including symphonies, choral works, an opera, and some incredible organ music, including Messis, the piece featured in this podcast.


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Catalogue No.: Dacapo 6.220528-29


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  • cmclough says:

    Dear Raymond, I am one of those who has been agitating for some coverage of organ-music CDs, and am grateful for this and the Montreal organist podcast of a few weeks earlier. Don't stop the other material, but do please continue to make time for the king of instruments. Both of these programs were very enjoyable, and I am grateful for your responsiveness – and for the podcasts in general. I have just listened to about twenty of them in one week (I had fallen behind), and though it was a long slog, I enjoyed the insights and discoveries, as I always do.