Podcast: An Introduction to Vittorio Giannini

Vittorio Giannini is best known to other composers as one of America’s most important composition teachers. Curiously, his own music has been largely forgotten.

This episode looks at the the music of Vittorio Giannini.

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  • Louie Bourland says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast. Once again, I have discovered a brilliant 'new' composer thanks to Naxos. I just placed an order for this CD and can hardly wait to hear it. Thanks again and keep up the great work, Raymond.

    • Vinko says:

      We are glad that you enjoyed Raymond's latest episode.

      If you can't wait to hear the CD, you may like to try accessing the full CD by subscribing to either Naxos.com or NaxosMusicLibrary.com. The latter will give you additional features like: Custom Playlist and Uninterrupted Playback of the full album

  • Mike says:

    Loved it. Bought it immediately. Well done Raymond.