Podcast: An Interview With Susie Napper

An interview with gamba player Susie Napper as she discusses her ongoing love affair with the viol da gamba.

The music in this podcast comes from a recording featuring Susie Napper and Margaret Little playing music by Sainte-Colombe for two viols.

Album details…
Catalogue No.: ATMA Classique ACD2 2278



  • andthepharaohs says:

    There's a problem with the iTunes podcast directory – I didn't get the Susie Napper interview downloaded and when I went to look at the list, there's nothing for this year at all! Ho hum…

    • Vinko says:

      Sorry about the problems you had encountered at iTunes Store regarding the Naxos Classical Music Spotlight podcast. There was a problem with the feed on Friday but was later corrected. May I please ask you to try again. If you continue to experience problems please feel free to contact us at customer.service@naxos.com

  • Martin says:

    really enjoyed this podcast – which is the movement in St Matthew's Passion that Susie was referring to? (The one with the cello solo.)

  • Alec says:

    Thanks so much for Viola di Gamba podcast – never heard of (a) the composer or
    (b) the performer, and knew nothing about (c) the instrument. I fell in love
    with the music, and promptly bought the disc on iTunes and have been unable to
    stop playing!

    • Hi Alec, I'm glad you liked the podcast. I find the sound of the gamba almost seductive, especially the way Susie Napper and Margaret Little play. The instrument has a kind of expressiveness most often associated with the human voice – for me it has that kind of quality.