Podcast: An Interview With Per Norgard

An interview with Danish composer Per Norgard. In this podcast, he discusses the influences on him as a composer, and shares how he thinks about music while composing.

The music in this podcast comes from a new CD of his Symphony No. 3, and the world premiere recording of his Symphony NO. 7

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Catalogue No.: Dacapo 6.220547



  • Peter Woolf says:

    Delighted to have reached this Norgard podcast and I am linking to it in my review of the marvellous new DACAPO CD on my Review Website MusicalPointers.co.uk.
    I have long admired Norgard & a particular memory was of his talking illuminatingly about his infinite series at London's Almeida Festival where he was featured – but rarely heard in UK nowadays.
    Listening to this podcast spares me trying to find words myself for these amazingly rich symphonies; and Jorgen Jensen does so very well in his liner notes.
    Whilst commenting, I wonder if my most recent Scandinavian discovery, Lasse Thoresen, is a musical friend of Norgard's? His music was my discovery of 2008; see article Lasse Thoresen & musical insularity (which applies to Norgard too):- http://www.musicalpointers.co.uk/articles/gener
    Dr Peter Woolf (Editor Musical Pointers UK)

    • No answer to your question but I have just “discovered” Norgard today and perhaps its just the joy of discovery but on listening to his Sym no. 3 I am awestruck so will look up Lasse Thoresen as well.