Comments: Christian C.

Comment received on December 8, 2008

Comment from podcast listener: Christian C.
Why never any organ music?

I love the Classical Music Spotlight.

I have discovered a great variety of wonderful, interesting music that I otherwise would probably not have bothered with. As a professional organist, though, it bothers me that, in nearly three years of listening, there has never once (I believe) been a podcast introducing “us” to any repertoire for organ. If I enjoy finding new music through the podcast, often for instruments and ensembles not in my line of sight, why wouldn’t someone else? Contrary to some people’s beliefs, there ARE people out there who enjoy the pipe organ, and Naxos has a huge collection of music for organ, some of it poorly known. Toss us organ-lovers a bone, please, and maybe it will add to our ranks of aficionados.