Podcast: American Music for Cello and Orchestra

PERRY, W.: Jamestown Concerto / SCHUMAN, W.: A Song of Orpheus / THOMSON, V.: Cello Concerto album coverWilliam Perry, William Schuman and Virgil Thomson share several important traits.

They are all 20th American composers (though Perry is still alive, which makes him a 21st century composer), and all have written works for solo cello and orchestra.

This podcast introduces these three beautiful but still unknown works.


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Catalogue No.: Naxos 8.559344



  • DCLawyer says:

    What an exceptional disc! I will definitely purchase and investigate these composers more.

    • Glad you liked the music on this disc, these pieces are definitely worth repeated listening. The more of these podcasts I do, the more I realize there is a huge body of outstanding pieces that have only major trait in common – they are unknown.