Podcast: Russian Guitar Music

Guitar Recital: Dervoed, Artyom - BIKTASHEV / OREKHOV / RUDNEV / KOSHKIN album coverAn introduction to this new CD of Russian Guitar Music, with soloist Atryom Dervoed, one of Russia’s finest young guitarists.

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Catalogue No.: Naxos 8.570447



  • Bob Kawaratani says:

    I was fascinated by the music introduced in this podcast. I’m not even sure that I like it but I’m downloading it so I can listen to it seriously. It’s certainly not BGM!

    • HI Bob, Thanks for the email, and for the interesting comment. I think there are many pieces of music (or many other things) that don’t necessarily captivate on the first listening. Of course you don’t find out what you really think of the piece until you take the time to really listen to it. Good luck, I hope you enjoy some of what you find.


  • Nice CD. Great Guitar performance/ But I don't understand what are you talking in your podcast this podcast about meaning of Troyka? In this case Troyka is ancient russian folk song. It is variations, great variations on theme of this song. But the song itself contains a story which has nothing to do with what you said in podcast. Same about “Lipa” – it is variations to a folk song theme. And the song story dictates emotional essence of this variations.
    I've heard a few boring guitar CDs from Naxos. this one is very good! Congratulations!
    Andrei Krylov composer/guitarist