Comments: Andrew D

Comment received on July 11, 2008, 13:14

Comment from podcast listener: Andrew D on the episode, Beethoven Symphony No. 9, arranged by Franz Liszt
At first I was surprised to hear that Franz Liszt’s transcription was put into two piano parts. I say this because I have sheet music of a version that’s for one piano only. My question is, did Liszt publish two versions, or, did he simply publish a single-piano transcription of movements 1-3 and publish a sepearate, two-pianos version of the symphony? Of course there could be other options, but I am just asking to clarify for when I get the sheet music. If you could clarify that for me, that would be great!

PS I love the 9th as a symphony, but as for transcriptions, my favorite is the
5th, especially the 3rd movement.