Podcast: The Theatre Music of Henry Purcell

PURCELL: Theatre Music, Vol. 1 - Amphitryon / Sir Barnaby Whigg / The Gordian Knot Unty'd / CirceAn introduction to the theatre music of the great English composer Henry Purcell, in a new CD featuring the Aradia Ensemble under the direction of Kevin Mallon.

Purcell is still one of the most popular of all composers, and his music has been copied or borrowed by everyone from Benjamin Britten to Michael Nyman.

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Catalogue No.: Naxos 8.570149



  • Jeremy says:

    What a wonderful podcast highlighting the fantastic theater music of Purcell. A number of films were mentioned that have used Purcell’s music, but you forgot the film “Restoration” about Charles II. The soundtrack is either Purcell’s or based upon his works. Listening to the podcast, I realized that Purcell would have probably been a film composer has he lived today – his music conveys so much emotion!!! Thanks for bringing him back to my attention.

  • Raymond says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    You are right, the film Restoration does have soundtrack full of Purcell.

    I especially liked your suggestion that Purcell might have been a film composer had he lived today. In fact, it’s likely that any composer who composed operas might have tried their hand a film composing, had it been invented.

    Thanks for taking the time to email us


  • Mark VPol says:

    You mentioned at some point in this podcast the Medieval practice of making Biblical stories accessible to the illiterate by having them acted out to music. Do happen to have a reference to this practice? I would love to have that if you have it. Thanks for the great podcasts!

  • kevin mallon says:

    Great job Raymond!
    Kevin (Mallon)

  • Remi says:

    Music, particularly ambient music, provides an opportunity to create emotionally engaging drama when connected with the acting of a play. Ambient music can evoke emotions from sadness and fear to happiness and relaxation.