Podcast: The Black Dyke Band

SYMPHONIC BRASSRaymond Bisha discusses the history of the Black Dyke Band.

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Catalogue No.: 8.570726



  • Judith says:

    Great to see (and hear) brass bands on the Naxos podcast. The CD sounds excellent.

    Raymond Bisha gives good commentary and his pronounciations of french and german piece titles are great. However, someone should tell him how to pronounce Stalybridge and Grimethorpe. Very amusing!


  • Raymond says:

    Hi Judith, Thanks for the email. It is kind of amusing that I seem to do well in my second and third languages, but need pronunciation help in my mother tongue. Perhaps English place names are not as straightforward as they seem. Please help me with Stalybridge and Grimethorpe – so I get them right next time. Raymond