Weekend Reviews: More on Hillier’s In C; Ken Fuchs’ Eventide in Virginia

Riley's In C Last weekend, David Patrick Stearns reviewed the new Dacapo recording of Terry Riley’s In C performed by Paul Hillier and his Danish group Ars Nova Copenhagen; on Tuesday, Lawson Taitte’s review of the album went up on the Dallas Morning News web site.

In May, the Virginia Symphony and JoAnn Falletta will give the world Kenneth Fuchsconcert premiere of Ken Fuchs’ English horn concerto Eventide, which is available on Naxos with New York Philharmonic English horn soloist Thomas Stacy, JoAnn Falletta, and the London Symphony Orchestra. David Nicholson wrote recently about the piece in the Hampton Roads Daily Press.


  • J Scott Morrison says:

    What a thrill this must be for both Ken Fuchs and Tom Stacy. The recording of the piece is one of my favorites of Fuchs’s works. But for a work to really live, it must be heard in live performance.

  • john says:

    There is something about the experience of a live performance (symphonies, jazz bands, rock and roll, baseball) that transcends what can be reproduced.